Hustlers University 3.0

Hustlers University is an exclusive community where YOU will learn how to make money online.

Get full walkthroughs, lesson plans, and the complete guide to 18 different methods of modern wealth creation including E-Commerce, Freelancing, Copywriting, Sales, Marketing, Personal Finance, Stocks, Crypto, and MORE!

Created by self-made millionaire Andrew Tate and led by his expert and proven Professors in their respective fields. 

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Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is a self made multi-millionaire businessman and entrepreneur. As the son of Chess Grandmaster Emory Tate, competition was bred into him. He took his competitive nature into combat sports, becoming a four time kickboxing world champion. 

After his athletic career, Andrew with his brother Tristan opened a highly successful webcam model management agency. They capitalized off of their success by expanding into other ventures like digital marketing, stock and crypto trading, casino and real estate investing, and much more.

Andrew is now offering his expertise, experience, and network to help you in his exclusive discord server Hustlers University. 

What's included?

Enrolling in Hustlers University 3.0 gets you access to our clearly structured and user friendly e-learning platform. After signing up, you will receive a link to join the Discord server. Once you complete the onboarding, you will have access to:

✅ All of our highly detailed courses and methods of making money online.

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✅ Step by step instructions on how to pick your campus, pick your skill and niche, and start making money today. 

✅ A community of over 100,000 other students to learn, feedback, network, and grow with. 

✅ Frequent “Ask Me Anything” sessions with the expert Professors for each category.

✅ Daily Stock and Crypto Plays from our expert Professors.

✅ Weekly competitions with prizes.

✅ Frequent giveaways!

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